GOOD COP GIRL COP: The Secret Life of a Police Officer 

Have you always wondered what it is really like to be a cop?  Would you like to be a little more street smart and think like a cop? This book will take you on a wild ride and show you the dark side of human nature with 25 life lessons that you can implement into your own life today.

WARNING - very coarse language, graphic content. 

GOOD COP GIRL COP 2.0: The Secret Life of Law Enforcement


Do you still want to know what it’s really like to live life as a cop?  What stays at work, and what crap follows you home? Wanna see some of the stupid things that cops do? Hey, they are human too !!! This fast-paced, jaw-dropping book will show you a side of cop life, even after the shift ends. And get my top 5 tips on successful confrontation that you can implement into your own life today.

This book is being planned, mapped out, written, re-written, yes, no, maybe, but it will be some stage. 

Stay tuned !!!

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