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Welcome to my world...

Lisa Doble is an Australian ex-cop, who spent 15 years in the New South Wales Police Force. She has completed a degree majoring in Counter-Terrorism, Criminology & Forensic Science. She has published articles in the Australian Police Journal on terrorism and related topics.


Lisa was nominated for a global award for her first Good Cop Girl Cop book, and received an Author Academy award for being a Top 10 Finalist in her category, General Non-Fiction. 


Over recent years Lisa has been working in child protection, investigating child abuse and neglect. When Lisa is not on the back of a horse, at the gym, or trail running, she is walking the dog, drinking coffee and writing more books. 


If you have any questions, Lisa can be reached via the contact page. If you're game and want to bite the bullet (pun intended), you can read first, (check out the BOOKS tab) and ask questions later. 

Stay kick-ass,


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